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NOTICE: 1/1/12 News--Tom Ingram has his FireAero for sale!!!
email him at:

For Pictures of Tom Ingram's Fire Aero, click this link: WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)

To see our pictures click this link:        WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)

For pictures of Eric Eisenberg's Fire Aero click this linkWB01338_.gif (869 bytes)

For Pictures of John Brecher's Fire Aero click this link:   WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)

Home Page of Fire Aero of Akirem:WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)

Pictures of FireAeroDon's Fire Aero click this link:  WB01338_.gif (869 bytes)


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Here is a comment: I would like to contact other Fire Aero owners or past owners. I'm from
Edmonton, Alberta and owned Fire Aero Serial number 00007. It would be great
to know of the whereabouts of the other Fire Aeros.Doug Unger
email address:


Here is a request:  If any one has the plans for the tops of a Fire Aero please use the email link on this page to contact us.   Thanks

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